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There are hard measures for Guangzhou Petrochemical to increase efficiency

the working group led by Sinopec President wangjiming and vice president WangTianPu came to Guangzhou Petrochemical to help with the work. Under the guidance of the working group, Guangzhou Petrochemical has formulated a series of cost reduction and efficiency increase measures in the coming months to ensure that this year's profit targets are met

from January to August this year, Guangzhou Petrochemical Company processed 4.18 million tons of crude oil and produced 120000 tons of ethylene. The three indicators of light oil yield, processing loss rate and crude oil in transit consumption rate of the refining specialty reached the standard. Except for ethylene yield, all the other indicators of the chemical specialty reached the standard. However, the production and operation of the functional industry, which realized the real-time transmission of collected data and the real-time issuance of control instructions, is still facing a very severe situation. Now, Guangzhou Petrochemical is asking to re tension the tensioning wheel according to the requirements of the working group of the joint stock company, refine, decompose and implement each cost reduction and efficiency increase measure, so as to truly achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase not only by measures, but also by actions and results

oil refining: converting intermediate raw materials in stock into light products; Improve the operation level of oil refining and coking capacity; The visbreaking unit increased the production of light distillates, so the yield of light oil increased by 8%; Increase the output of high-grade gasoline and components with high added value, increase the output of 97 and 98 gasoline, and take out methyl tert butyl ether; Increase the commodity volume of dry gas; Reduce the cost of crude oil storage in the plant. Through the above measures, the annual profit of oil refining specialty will reach 350million yuan

chemical industry: adjust the crude oil structure, produce more high-quality naphtha, optimize chemical raw materials, and increase the ethylene yield from 30.19% to 31.5%; Reduce the cost of catalyst and premix for polyethylene; Optimize the auxiliary boiler fuel and use synergists at the same time; Increase ethylene production by 1000 tons; Special PP material for increasing production; On the basis of the first eight months, the higher degree of automation of styrene greatly reduced the experimental time for the manufacturers who purchased the experimental machine, and the yield increased by 2%; The polyethylene plant increases the ethylene treatment capacity per hour from 15.5 tons to 16.5 tons through water spray technology; In addition, measures such as recovery of styrene tail gas, optimization of fuel balance and putting polypropylene pollution-free dyes on the market will be taken to increase the overall benefit of the chemical industry by 33.85 million yuan in the next four months

Guangzhou Petrochemical will also actively negotiate with local tax and financial departments to implement Guangzhou ethylene Merger Policy; Pay close attention to handling tax rebates for export products; Promote bill settlement to product oil sales, reduce capital occupation and save financial expenses

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