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On September 4, the executive meeting of Guangzhou municipal government deliberated and approved the revision of the planning for the surrounding areas of Guangzhou South Railway Station (hereinafter referred to as the revision of the planning). It is reported that the revision of the plan has put forward a series of measures to improve the traffic around Guangzhou south railway station. Guangzhou will build a direct trunk road to quickly connect the South Railway Station with the central urban area

build a platform to connect the drop off platform and the expressway

according to the introduction, the revision of the planning for the surrounding areas of Guangzhou south railway station will comprehensively consider the current actual situation and future development needs according to the positioning of building a "gateway hub for the comprehensive cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, a value innovation park for the gateway hub", and the three levels of Guangzhou south railway station itself, surrounding development areas and peripheral coordination areas

of which: the lifting scope of the body includes the south station body and the surrounding supporting traffic facilities, with an area of about 0.6 square kilometers; The surrounding development area extends to Dongxin Expressway - Hanxi Avenue - National Highway 105 in the East, Chencun waterway in the west, Shawan Town in the South and Chencun waterway - Dongxin Expressway in the north, covering an area of about 36 square kilometers; On the basis of the surrounding development areas, the peripheral coordination area extends to Dashi street and Zhongcun street in Panyu District and some areas in Shunde District and Nanhai District of Foshan City, covering an area of about 61 square kilometers

in terms of traffic improvement around the South Railway Station, the revision of the planning puts forward five traffic improvement measures: first, build a direct trunk road connecting the South Railway Station and the central urban area; Second, build a closed elevated fast track connecting the South Station drop off platform with the East Expressway and the north urban trunk road; The third is to realize the fast connection between the body and the North Expressway and the South Expressway through the ground expressway; Fourth, accelerate the construction of radioactive trunk roads in the station area jointly initiated by China synthetic resin supply and Marketing Association and China Automobile Industry Association to build a rapid distribution system around the body; Fifth, accelerate the construction of subway and intercity, and form a rapid rail transit link circle with important cities in the Pearl River Delta. After the above measures are taken, the proportion of public transport in motorized travel in the South Railway Station area will increase to 80%

a comprehensive transportation service center will be set in the west of the south station.

in terms of environmental quality improvement, through the preparation of special work guidelines, 23 Automatic diagnosis function Guangzhou will optimize and upgrade the traffic facilities and landscapes in the business district of the South Railway Station and along the key municipal roads, improve the traffic stations, car parking lots inside and outside the stations, and the signage and guidance system in the stations, and comprehensively renovate the two sides of the railway and intercity rail, the riverside zone and the construction site

in terms of deepening the planning of surrounding areas, the South Railway Station area will focus on the development of IAB industry, including intelligent health and sports, new generation of information technology for different detection items, artificial intelligence, biomedicine and health, advanced equipment manufacturing, etc., and will correspondingly arrange five clusters as the bearing space for industrial development in space. In the plan, 133 public service facilities including education, medical treatment, culture and sports are arranged to support industrial development and serve the employment and resident population. The plan also defines the urban renewal area composed of old villages and old factories, providing guidance for starting the urban renewal work in the peripheral area of the South Railway Station

in addition, in terms of the upgrading and transformation of the body, the revision of the planning puts forward measures such as expanding the waiting space in the station, adding transfer areas and escalators, improving the sign guidance and ventilation and lighting system, setting up a comprehensive transportation service center on the west side of the South Station, enhancing the supporting public transport, taxi and taxi service capacity, and optimizing the environmental level of public places

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