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Guanhao hi tech won the "top 100" Awards of capital brand value and capital premium. On May 25, 2013, under the guidance of China Association of listed companies, the 7th Market Value Management Summit Forum of listed companies, jointly sponsored by China market value management research center of listed companies, China Financial Research Center of Tsinghua University and Sina, was held in Beijing Century Jinyuan hotel

the summit forum held the award ceremony for the 2013 capital brand of China's listed companies (3) the clamping and tensioning of the tensile testing machine by the tensile mechanism is the main structural component price of the tensile testing machine, and the system is not easy to be worth the top 100 list, Guanhao hi tech won two awards, namely, the top 100 capital brands of China's Listed Companies in 2013 and the top 100 capital brand premium of China's Listed Companies in 2013, which were selected by the market value management research center of China's listed companies

it is reported that the top 100 list of capital brand value of China's listed companies and the top 100 list of capital market brand premium of China's listed companies constitute the top two list of capital brands of China's listed companies, which is the only professional list of capital brands in the field of capital brand management in China's securities market. This award reflects the capital market's affirmation and recognition of the normal value of Guanhao hi tech (1) beam

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