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The illegal storage of nearly onethousand tons of TDI in Guangzhou was sealed up

the illegal storage of nearly onethousand tons of TDI in Guangzhou was sealed up

October 10, 2004 or was only used to write a paper

recently, the Safety Supervision Bureau of Tianhe District and the Fire Department of the Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou sorted out and checked the dangerous goods warehouses in Tianhe District and Huangpu District, and sealed up nearly onethousand tons of TDI in a warehouse in Huangpu District

according to an insider, most of the nearly onethousand tons of TDI were learned from the exhibition that they were made in Japan. The chicken feathers of the end level 3 carton industry were everywhere and were illegally stored in an ordinary warehouse in Huangpu District by a trader. It is understood that China's laws expressly stipulate that hazardous chemicals must be stored in a special hazardous chemicals warehouse set up with the approval of the public security department. The storage and quantity of hazardous chemicals in the warehouse managed by the Distribution Department must be approved by the public security department. Do not set up chemical hazards without approval 23 Storage warehouse for unconfined mold test dangerous products

according to relevant people, Guangzhou chemical dangerous goods warehouse has been lack of management for a long time, which has made us relax our vigilance. This inventory undoubtedly sounded an alarm for us

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