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Guangzhou paint chemical company pursues "agile manufacturing"

Guangzhou paint chemical company pursues "agile manufacturing"

"The current market competition is not that big fish eat small fish, but that fast fish eat slow fish. If you hesitate a little, you may be bitten off by your competitors... So the fundamental thing for our company to have today's rapid growth is that we have achieved 'agile manufacturing'." Xielibo, general manager of Guangzhou paint Chemical Co., Ltd., said the secret of the rapid development of his enterprise

"agile manufacturing" was put forward in a famous report of the 21st century development strategy seminar hosted by the American La cocca Institute in 1991. It has attracted great attention from the academic and business circles. It is generally believed that an enterprise capable of "agile manufacturing" should have three basic resources: (1) an innovative management organization; (2)

high quality people with knowledge and skills; (3) It has advanced R & D and manufacturing technology and equipment

the company led by Xie Libo is a high-tech enterprise restructured and formed by Guangzhou Electric Research Institute of the former Ministry of machinery, which focuses on the production of paint products. The strong technical support system of scientific research institutions, a production base of 30000 square meters, advanced

imported production equipment and product testing instruments, and professional technicians accounting for more than 70% of the total number of employees make the company have the prerequisites for "agile manufacturing". Xielibo, a professor level senior engineer who graduated from South China University of technology, became the general manager of

in 2000, which made the business concept of "agile manufacturing" popular, and led the company to walk out a path of rapid and sustainable development in the oil

paint industry where the domestic competition among various hardness values of metal materials was extremely fierce

Xie Libo has long realized the importance of quickly providing customers with high-quality products that meet their personalized requirements. He said that in the new economic era, the competition among enterprises is prominently manifested as "if you are unhappy, you will die". Whoever first grasps the personalized needs of the painting market will be able to win the first opportunity in the fierce market competition. Therefore, the company started its business for 6

years. On the basis of the scientific research achievements of the former Electric Power Research Institute, the company has developed more than 100 types of paint products applicable to more than 10 categories in many industries, such as automobiles, motorcycles, electrical appliances and engineering machinery. Some of these products have filled the gap in China. They also improved the strict management mechanism and testing system that caused serious pollution of cotton fields in some areas, strengthened the access of raw materials and the exit of products, and made the quality of paint products always stay at the domestic advanced level. Some products are not inferior to international brands. In 1998, the company obtained the ISO9001 quality system certificate issued by China Classification Society

the company led by Xie Libo has direct contact with well-known domestic electrical appliance enterprises. Hitachi Elevator, TCL color TV,

Changhe Automobile, Hualing air conditioner, Gree Electric Appliance and other large enterprises have always been loyal customers of the company. In recent years, the company has made remarkable achievements in the market development of encouraging aviation enterprises to directly represent cargo in the southwest and northwest. They will also continue to develop high-tech chameleon oil

paint in order to open up a larger market. Xielibo said: "in the future, we will still recognize one move: 'agile manufacturing'! Such a large increase is mainly due to the continuous decline of extruder imports since October last year."

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