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The installed capacity of wind power in China has increased 158 times in 10 years, ranking first in the world

in the past decade, the installed capacity of wind power in the world has increased 8 times, and the installed capacity of wind power in China has increased 158 times, ranking first in the world. On September 24, German time, at the 2013 international smart electricity forum, Liu Zhenya, chairman of China National Power Corporation, told the development of China's wind power industry

in recent years, China has made rapid progress in wind power generation. According to the data of the China Wind Energy Association, last year, China's wind power generation and total installed capacity was 60.83 million KW, generating 100.4 billion kwh, while nuclear power generating capacity was 98.2 billion kw. Wind power generation surpassed nuclear power for the first time, becoming China's third largest main power source after coal power and hydropower. According to the data released by the national energy administration, during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, China's installed capacity of wind power increased rapidly from 5million kW to 63million kW, which is the fastest growth rate in the world. At the same time, the total installed capacity of 63million kW of wind power led the world. China has become the largest wind power country in the world

at present, although China has become the world's largest wind power country, problems such as difficulty and consumption are also bothering the industry. After nearly two years of downturn, since the first half of this year, the favorable policies of the wind power industry have continued: decentralization of the approval power of wind power projects, improvement of access bottlenecks, and electricity price subsidies. What are the functional characteristics of the cardboard tensile testing machine? Do you know? Now please come with me to have a look. The gradual implementation of policies and the large increase in the bidding volume of wind turbines across the country have led to a warming trend in industries that are deeply trapped in a rather cold winter compared with Thailand due to overcapacity, slowing development, declining efficiency and other problems. In this regard, many experts in the industry believe that this recovery is not necessarily a short-term phenomenon. It is likely to be the result of the substantive adjustment of enterprises and the first production of product conformity by China and the United States. Generally, the horizontal tension testing machines of Jinan experimental machine factory belong to the labeling requirements of customized products. After the policy breaks through the dry bottleneck, China's wind power industry has stepped back into a benign development stage

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