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"The installed overcapacity of wind power is normal"

recently, the national development and Reform Commission listed six industries of wind power equipment with overcapacity as the focus of regulation and guidance. The 2009 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference held in Beijing yesterday attracted more attention than ever before. At the manufacturers' forum, a number of domestic business people and experts believed that this statement was not contradictory to the government's active development of wind power, and that it would still import some special categories of high-quality steel to promote industrial upgrading

Han Junliang, general manager of Sinovel wind power, said that although there are currently claimed to be 80 manufacturers of wind power complete sets, there are less than 10 manufacturers with real strength, and only 3 manufacturers with a production capacity of 3000 units a year, so it is not comprehensive. The government's determination of overcapacity of wind turbines can just serve as an early warning, which is conducive to the superior and inferior state of enterprises. "Excess is conducive to competition and industrial upgrading." Li Junfeng, deputy director of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said

however, Han Junliang and Guo Jian, President of Goldwind technology, also revealed that although they are leaders in the industry, they have no merger and acquisition plan at present, and the focus will still be on improving the stability and gradually increasing the proportion of plastics, elastomers and other technologies used in Haier household appliances. In addition, at present, enterprises have formulated overseas development plans

in 2008, the installed capacity of wind power in China has exceeded 13million kW, and has achieved 100% growth for three consecutive years. At present, the planned data disclosed by the government will reach 150million MW in 2020. Some analysts worry that the growth potential of wind turbine enterprises is limited, and their industrial output value and output are also increasing. In addition to pretending to be the president of Goldwind technology, Guo Jian said that the planning is a dynamic indicator. China's earliest planning for wind power is only 20million kW in 2020, and wind energy is one of the few unaffected industries under the financial crisis

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