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The wind power industry needs technology driven investors

2018 will be a turning point for the wind power industry. Although the industry expects that the new installed capacity may be similar to that in 2017, the difference is that the average market price of the whole machine has decreased by nearly 1000 yuan/kw year-on-year, and the competition among Fan enterprises is more intense. The deadline for de subsidy in 2020 is approaching. Wind power developers and local energy authorities, accustomed to the price policy on fixed benchmarks, are trying to transition to a post subsidy era full of variables through innovative competitive resource allocation

in the turning year, where will China's wind power go? Will wind power developers transmit the pressure layer by layer, or learn from the pain and change their thinking to meet the new era? Will the vicious situation of low price competition in the wind power industry chain reappear? As the leader of technological innovation, vision once again calls for change

"as the development leader of the wind power industry, developers should make efforts in technology leading, technology driving the sustainable development of the new energy industry, and use the invisible hand of the market to guide the progress of wind power technology to bring the value of reducing the cost of kilowatt hour electricity. In the future, wind power will face not only competition with thermal power, but also competition with photovoltaic." Zhang Lei, the founder and CEO of vision group, believes that the decline of subsidies is a wake-up call, telling the industry that it should go out of the cognitive misunderstanding of the past, no longer blindly use brute force, but should use intelligence and computing power to solve the challenges it faces

increasing power generation is the source of new energy technology progress

vision is the only enterprise in the wind power equipment industry that bucked the trend in 2017. Zhang Lei is optimistic and confident about the upcoming new era of wind power. He predicted that vision energy will still grow by more than 50% year-on-year this year. "Despite this, I am still full of worries. We cannot be alone and focus on the immediate future. We should pay more attention to the future of the industry."

at present, China's mainstream energy central enterprises are actively transforming from traditional fossil energy to renewable energy, with remarkable achievements. However, transformation is not only reflected in the change of investment business and assets, but also requires the transformation and innovation of investment philosophy and management thinking. There is an essential difference between traditional energy and new energy. Compared with the sensitivity of traditional energy to fuel cost, the marginal cost of new energy can also accept the instructions of other equipment through RS232 port, and the cost is zero. Its essence lies in technological progress to improve power generation efficiency. The key factor to improve the efficiency of wind power and reduce the cost of kWh depends on the power generation. It is preliminarily estimated that the annual power generation of wind turbines will increase by 1%, corresponding to the reduction of the initial investment cost of 150 yuan

"we must not compare the size, weigh the weight and compete the price any more. We must not be in a mess because of the fear of de subsidy. The industry should respond rationally and promote technological progress through transformation. In the future, wind turbines will still be racing, and the key indicators will be quality, safety and electricity." Zhang Lei said that the starting point of the wind power industry in the future is the technological revolution driven by the guidance of developers' technological transformation. The whole industry invests resources to improve the utilization efficiency of wind resources and the power generation of wind turbines

developers should lead by technology, empirical closed loop

now the cost of fan supply chain ecology is almost reduced to the end. Price war is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst. In the long run, bad money drives out good money and affects industrial development. After 20 years of development, the wind power industry has formed a basic consensus. A simple reduction in the price of wind turbines is not significantly helpful to reduce the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour. As the leader of industrial development, if developers have more technical insight and judgment, they will better promote the sustainable development of the industry

at present, some developers still stay in the "old era" of judging unit price, unit capacity, impeller diameter, hub height and other indicators. Even if the power generation capacity of Haofan can be higher than 10%, it has no advantage in price and will not be selected. More and more developers also adopt the solution bidding method, that is, in the process of equipment bidding, this kind of evaluation does not need to be linked with the 20-year economic benefits of the project itself according to the building block principle. 268 steel fire door, but because the evaluation mechanism did not form a closed loop, there was a phenomenon of manufacturers' falsely high promised electricity in the bidding and procurement process of some projects, saying one thing and doing another, but no one was accountable

"in the final analysis, the technology verification ability of some developers reflected in the phenomenon of virtual high promised electricity has not formed a closed loop. It is not only the commitment that needs to be seen, but also the commitment that needs to be verified through post evaluation. Practice is the only standard to test the truth. We should use experiments to verify technology, use practice to verify management, and use practice to verify the authenticity of commitments.

" Zhang Lei believes that in the era of bidding, wind power developers need to transform into technology driven enterprises as soon as possible, With the ability to accurately evaluate electricity, control the cost of wind farm system engineering, and evaluate and verify technology, and the third and first points are coupled, only technology driven investors can have strong risk management and control ability in the future bidding era. "Simply reducing the cost of wind turbines and transmitting the pressure from the industrial chain is an irrational method and unsustainable. The rational method is to increase power generation. Although the market agrees, it has no action."

the technology driven investors mentioned by Zhang Lei mean that they can establish a complete closed-loop evaluation system of testing, verification and post evaluation, so as to select the best wind turbine and the overall solution

Zhang Lei said that developers and equipment manufacturers should establish a technical partnership. Equipment manufacturers use their own understanding of equipment to help developers establish technical evaluation and verification capabilities and standards, and pay attention to post evaluation closed loop. In the era of bidding, electricity has become the dominant factor. There is no post evaluation closed loop, and the electricity value has not been verified. Its accuracy is passive water. Only by establishing the ability of technical evaluation and verification can we be insightful in the process of power evaluation

there is a precedent abroad. Wind power investment developers such as rsted energy in Denmark (formerly Dong energy) and Vattenfall in Sweden are famous for their strong technical evaluation and identification ability. Their mastery and familiarity with wind turbines are equal to that of manufacturers. In addition, third-party consulting institutions such as GL and windtest in Europe and the United States are also escorting the technical evaluation of project bidding. Under rational and objective standards, it is difficult to occupy the market at low prices and falsely report high electricity

the benefits of closed-loop technology driven and verification are obvious, that is, the improvement of the quality of industrial development. In 2017, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power in the United States was 89.07 million KW, with a generation capacity of 254.25 billion kwh. The average generation hours of wind power in the United States was 2854 hours, while the cumulative installed capacity of wind power in China in 2017 was 164 million KW, with a generation capacity of 305.7 billion kwh. The average generation hours of wind power in the country was 1864 hours, a difference of nearly 1000 hours from the United States

although there is the influence of wind curtailment, the persistent disease of emphasizing price over technology and insufficient verification in the bidding of wind power projects in China is also the main factor leading to the low number of power generation hours

Galileo spirit, committed to leading renewable energy technology change

"the industry calls for Galileo spirit." At present, the wind power industry is moving towards the era of bidding, and it has gone through the last stage of parity. In the future, it will also face competition with photovoltaic. Zhang Lei said that the whole wind power industry chain needs to jointly establish technology evaluation and verification capabilities, and vision energy is willing to establish technology partnerships with developers to help developers establish technology evaluation and verification capabilities

"Galileo improved the telescope invented by the Dutch in 1609, and turned his eyes to the vast universe. The telescope helped him observe that Venus also has the phase of the moon, which simply and clearly proved that Venus is also rotating around the sun, not around the earth. This phenomenon proved Copernicus' heliocentric theory. The industry called for the spirit of Galileo. Where is the telescope in today's industry? The technical verification ability of post evaluation verification and test verification is telescope. Far away Jing can give the telescope to his partner. " Zhang Lei said

appeal does not necessarily bring about change, but Zhang Lei said that in the past, vision adhered to and was verified, and the industry has indeed changed, so vision insisted on making a rational voice again, calling for industrial transformation to focus on the improvement of power generation, quality and safety, developers and manufacturers work together to establish technology evaluation and verification capabilities, and China's wind power industry can be transformed into a technology driven industry. In the next ten years, China's wind power industry will be a decade of high growth and high efficiency, and China will be the real world's first wind power

in the wind power transformation, vision plays a leading role again and again. In 2009, when the power rationing in the three northern regions was serious and the industry did not know where to go, vision developed low-speed wind turbines to lead the strategic shift of China's wind power industry; 2 this means that the semiconductor module made of ultradur b4450 G5 can avoid current short circuit and damage. In 2016, under the industry dilemma of exhausting the development of low wind speed wind power resources below 100 meters, it was the first to launch 120 meter and 140 meter all steel flexible high towers and en 2MW、EN. 5MW ultra-low wind speed units lead the industry to break through, forming a new situation of great plains and ultra-low wind speed development

2018 vision takes Jiangsu as the base, explores the construction of various forms of decentralized wind power projects, such as full-scale and spontaneous self use of surplus electricity, has formed a leading effect of decentralized wind power in central and eastern China, and issued the industry's first white paper on distributed wind power in China, pointing out the direction and standards for how to ensure the safety, economy, stability, low noise and other environmentally friendly issues of decentralized wind power

vision has always been an advocate for industry change. The effect of technology leading has really been recognized by the industry and market. This time, let's wait and see how effective Zhang Lei's appeal is

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