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The wind power industry will gradually recover slowly

according to a recent authoritative person of the national energy administration, the national energy administration is currently formulating several opinions on promoting the healthy development of the wind power industry to solve the difficulties encountered by the domestic wind power industry, such as consolidation and absorption. The policy support should be consistent with the photovoltaic support policy that has been released

on the news side, Google announced last Tuesday that it would purchase 240 megawatts of wind energy from a wind power plant outside Amarillo, Texas

but on the whole, the current recovery of the wind power industry still needs time. The rise of the wind power sector today is mainly driven by funds. The amount of buying is small and the buying action is unified. As the sector has been in the doldrums in the early stage, it is expected that driven by the favorable policies, this round of rise will have 20 rigid bodies, which will help to achieve a good increase of%-30% in the accuracy characteristic that has always been as 1, and maintain a stable development in the future

in the future, with the introduction of domestic support policies, the industry will gradually recover slowly, and the sector will usher in opportunities. However, it is expected that the wind power sector will remain stable as a whole during the 12th Five Year Plan period

first of all, from the perspective of the industry, wind power has recovered as a whole and is expected to develop steadily in the future. From the specific indicators of the 12th Five Year Plan, by 2015, the installed capacity of wind power put into operation will reach 100gw, the annual power generation will reach 190billion kwh, and the proportion of wind power generation in the total power generation will exceed 3%; By 2020, the total installed capacity of wind power will exceed 200million kW, of which the installed capacity of offshore wind power will reach 30million kW, and the annual power generation of wind power will reach 390billion kwh, striving to make the proportion of wind power generation in the national power generation output will reach 60000 tons more than 5%

by the end of 2012, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power was 62.66gw, and the domestic new capacity in 2012 exceeded the new hoisting capacity, reaching 14.82gw. Wind power consumption has been gradually improved. In 2010, the wind turbine consolidation rate completed by domestic hoisting was about 70%, reached 77% in 2011, and increased to 83% in 2012. The photoelectric switch at the tail of the experimental machine is expected to increase by 30% this year after long-term operation, and will maintain a steady development trend in the future

at present, the wind power industry is in a period of slow recovery. From the above plan, it is expected that the development in the next years will maintain a stable and slow growth, with an average annual new installed capacity of about GW. Last year, the new installed capacity was about 12.9gw, and this year will see a small increase in installed capacity

secondly, from the perspective of national policies, wind power policies have been introduced, and industry support policies are expected to be introduced. Since this year, the wind power support policies of relevant national departments have been issued continuously, and the relevant policies are as follows: on February 16, the National Energy Administration issued the notice on doing a good job in the consolidation and consumption of wind power in 2013, requiring the country to pay more attention to the consumption and utilization of wind power, carefully analyze the reasons for wind power curtailment, and eliminate wind power curtailment as soon as possible; Strengthen the research on consumption schemes in resource rich areas, strengthen the construction of wind power, which is also the main driving force to promote the continuous growth of glass fiber market demand, and do a good job in wind power and service. On March 11, the National Energy Administration issued the approval plan for the third batch of wind power projects in the 12th Five Year Plan, with a planned total installed capacity of 28.72 million KW, including 491 conventional projects (with a total installed capacity of 27.97 million KW) and 4 demonstration projects to promote wind power and operation and consumption (with a total installed capacity of 750000 kW). On May 23, the National Energy Administration issued the notice on strengthening the construction of wind power industry monitoring and evaluation system, requiring to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of wind power industry information, and establish and improve the national wind power industry information monitoring system

the opinions on promoting the healthy development of wind power industry to be launched in the second half of the year mainly includes promoting the full acquisition of wind power generation, expanding the scale of renewable energy funds and improving the quality of wind turbine units. If it is launched, it will benefit the industry leaders

in addition, the increase of renewable energy subsidies will benefit wind power operators. The national development and Reform Commission raised the renewable energy tariff surcharge from 0.8 cents per kilowatt hour to 1.5 cents. At present, the electricity consumption of the whole society is about 5trillion kwh, and the renewable energy additional income is about 20billion yuan. By the end of 2011, the capital gap is 10.7 billion yuan. If the standard is not further improved, it is expected that the additional capital gap of renewable energy electricity price will reach about 33billion yuan in 2015. Among them, we estimate that the subsidies needed for wind power from 2012 to 2015 are 20billion yuan, 26billion yuan, 31.2 billion yuan and 35.9 billion yuan respectively. The current renewable energy supplementary subsidy for wind power is not enough, and it is raised to 1.5 points/kWh. The annual amount of renewable energy power generation subsidy in China during the 12th Five Year Plan will be basically guaranteed, which will solve the problem that wind power subsidies cannot be obtained and benefit wind power operators

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