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Just a few months ago, the media was flooded with heroic words such as building another "Three Gorges on land" of wind power. But after the high-level statement at the end of August that there was a tendency of repeated construction in emerging industries such as wind power, overnight, various versions of concerns emerged, saying that the new energy industry was "virtual hot", Some people say that China's wind power industry will be "dragged down". In fact, the overcapacity of wind power is only a superficial phenomenon, and the real deep-seated reasons are the unreasonable power structure and the relative lag of power construction. As long as we solve the problem of large-scale wind power and ask such questions, the development space of wind power in China is huge. At present, the development of wind power industry is at a turning point of breaking through and bottleneck

the rapid advance has brought about "indigestion"

China is bound to be a large country of wind resources due to its unique vast territory. China's wind energy resources are widely distributed, and the relatively rich areas are mainly concentrated in the southeast coast and nearby islands, as well as the northern (northeast, North and northwest) regions, and there are also some wind energy rich points in the interior. In addition, offshore wind energy resources are also very rich. The economically exploitable amount of wind energy at a height of 10 meters on land is 253 million KW, and the offshore resources are estimated to be three times larger than those on land. The economically exploitable amount of wind energy at a height of 10 meters is about 750million kW, and that at a height of 50 meters is about 1.5 billion kw

such as driving wheel output power, chassis transmission power consumption, sliding distance, acceleration time and distance, engine fuel consumption rate, suspension performance, reliability, etc; Formulate detailed rules for the inspection and evaluation of the technical status of operating vehicles in recent years, China has vigorously developed wind power generation. In 2005, China had only 500000 kW of wind power installed capacity, but after the implementation of the renewable energy law that year, the wind power industry doubled its new installed capacity for four consecutive years. In 2008, China's wind power installed capacity was 12.21 million KW, becoming the largest wind power country in Asia and the fourth largest in the world, only ranking behind the United States, Germany and Spain. Figure 1:2016 January

at present, the national energy administration has preliminarily decided to increase the planned installed capacity of wind power to 150million kW in 2020, and the wind power market has nearly 100 times the huge development space. In terms of profit margin, the gross profit margin of Goldwind technology, the largest wind turbine manufacturer in China, reached 29% in 2007; In addition, the Ministry of Finance issued a policy in August 2008 to grant subsidies of 600 yuan/kW to manufacturers of complete wind turbines and key components

stimulated by various positive factors, the number of Chinese wind turbine enterprises has soared from 6 in 2004 to more than 70 now, and the number of enterprises has increased by more than 10 times; The installed capacity of wind power has also grown rapidly from 468000 kW before 2002 to 12million kW at the end of 2008, a full increase of 25 times in seven years

however, behind the competing Malaysian wind power projects, there are negligible economic benefits, and the wind power industry is in an embarrassing situation of overcapacity

by the end of 2008, the installed capacity of wind power accounted for only 1.13% of the total installed capacity of power in China, while the power generation accounted for only 0.37%. At the same time, about one third of wind power projects in Inner Mongolia are idle; The maximum power output of 460000 kW wind power installed in Jiuquan, Gansu Province, can only reach about 65%

the main problems faced by the domestic wind power industry mainly focus on overcapacity, high cost, unit quality and power mode constraints. In 2008, the production capacity of only the top four domestic manufacturers (Jinfeng, Sinovel, Dongqi and Shangqi) reached 12million kW; In 2009, the newly installed capacity of the country was about million KW, and in 2010, it may be 10million kW or more. The market is indeed unable to absorb the huge capacity of equipment manufacturers in the short term

moreover, domestic wind power has not formed the foreign industrial model of "building projects after demand" and "local production and local consumption". In this case, if we are eager to launch new projects, it is bound to cause a waste of resources and is not conducive to the orderly development of the market. One group is five standardized samples

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