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Wind power equipment manufacturing will enter the buyer's market editor's note: with the rapid development of China's wind power industry, domestic wind power equipment manufacturers have increased a lot, and the production capacity has increased too fast. The wind power equipment manufacturing industry will face fierce market competition

according to China Securities News on July 9, at the China wind power industry financing forum of the Sixth Asian Wind Energy Conference held in Beijing, domestic and foreign investors, on the one hand, expressed great interest in China's rapidly expanding scale of wind power, while on the other hand, voices from the official and Industry are also constantly reminding that China's investment in wind power equipment has shown an overheated momentum. In the next decade, Chinese wind power manufacturing enterprises will inevitably face fierce competition, and the wind power equipment market will also usher in the buyer's market

the strong expectation of new energy development has caused enterprises to flock, and the phenomenon of blind investment in the wind power industry is obvious. China's domestic wind power equipment manufacturers have increased significantly in just two to three years, but the quality of the equipment produced is not up to standard, which brings risks to the long-term operation of the wind power market

Zhang Xiangmu, director of the equipment department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, believes that while China's wind power manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, it will face increasingly fierce competition. At present, there are nearly 70 wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, including 27 holding enterprises, 23 private enterprises, and nearly 20 Sino foreign joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises

according to the calculation, by 2010, if the production capacity of the above-mentioned nearly 70 wind power manufacturing enterprises is fully released, it will reach 30million kW for lubrication and refueling according to the regulations. The China Wind Energy Association predicts that the installed capacity of new wind power in 2009 will be 8million kW. However, the production capacity of four domestic enterprises including Goldwind technology, Dalian Sinovel, Dongfang Electric and Shanghai Electric alone reached 12million kW. It is estimated that China's wind power manufacturing capacity may remain between 15 million kW in the next decade. Therefore, Chinese wind power enterprises will face inevitable fierce competition, and the wind power equipment market will usher in a buyer's market

as the management department of equipment enterprises, Zhang Xiangmu said that the Ministry of industry and information technology will work together with relevant departments to standardize the investment market and promote the improvement of institutional innovation ability of wind power equipment manufacturing industry by formulating policies

according to the economic information daily on July 9, China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry is facing a severe market competition due to overcapacity caused by disorderly expansion. Experts said that China urgently needs to establish and improve wind power technical standards and testing and certification system to provide guarantee for the quality of wind power equipment and promote market integration. This will also become the development direction of China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry

wind power is developing rapidly, and the manufacturing threshold of wind power machine is not high. Although this industry has received policy support, the era of profiteering has ended. On the one hand, China's wind power equipment, 45% of which is due to the overcapacity faced by the equipment manufacturing industry due to the improper selection of materials and poor specifications, and on the other hand, there are two unavoidable injuries behind the rapid expansion of the wind power industry - the lack of core technology and product quality problems. Shi Lishan, deputy director of the Department of new and renewable energy of the Energy Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission, once said that there were significant risks behind the extraordinary development of the wind power industry

since most wind power manufacturers in China enter the wind power field through the introduction of technology, the wind power equipment manufacturing industry is still in the initial stage of changing from "technology introduction, digestion and absorption" to "independent innovation". The lack of core technology has become a weakness in the development of the industry

"establish and improve the technical standards, testing and certification system that wind power equipment can carry out a number of performance tests on various materials, such as stretching, tightening, twists and turns, promote the progress of wind power technology, ensure the quality of wind power products, promote cost reduction, build large-scale wind energy experimental facilities, and support the experiment, testing and certification of new products." This is a relatively consistent proposal made by industry experts when seeking a healthy and orderly development path for the wind power industry

"certification is not only conducive to ensuring the quality of fan products, but also conducive to accelerating the reorganization of enterprises and building their own R & D capabilities." Chenxuesong, deputy director of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, said

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