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The wind power industry is expected to be supported by the new deal, and the quality has become the focus of attention

at the 2013 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and exhibition held recently, Shi Lishan, deputy director of the new and renewable energy department of the national energy administration, revealed that the "several opinions on promoting the healthy development of the wind power industry" aimed at supporting the wind power industry has been submitted to the State Council for approval

yaoxiaoqin, a senior member of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Association, said: in order to promote the development of the photovoltaic industry, the State Council issued the "several opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry", with unprecedented support, and the photovoltaic industry has also warmed up at a visible speed. The difficulties and inadequate subsidies encountered in the development of wind power are almost the same as those in the photovoltaic industry. The support of "several opinions on promoting the healthy development of wind power industry" should be consistent with the new photovoltaic policy recently issued

promoting the development of industry is a very complex system engineering. We guarantee that we will make greater efforts in technology, management, policy, system and other aspects. We hope to basically solve the phenomenon of wind curtailment and power curtailment in years. Shi Lishan said

the growth rate of wind power has slowed down

China's wind power construction has made gratifying achievements. In the middle of 2012, China's total installed capacity of wind power jumped to the first in the world. According to the statistics of the China Electricity Council, in 2012, the national wind power generation capacity was 100.4 billion kwh, exceeding 98.2 billion kwh of nuclear power generation for the first time, becoming the third largest main power source in China

however, it is also an indisputable fact that the growth rate of wind power development in China has slowed down since 2011

the 2013 China wind power development report jointly issued by the Renewable Energy Professional Committee of the China Association for comprehensive utilization of resources, the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Association and the Global Wind Energy Council shows that in 2012, China installed 7872 new wind turbines on land, with a new installed capacity of 12.96 GW, which continued to show a downward trend since 2011. In 2012, the new installed capacity of global wind power ranked behind the United States. This is the first time that China has lost its first position in the world since it surpassed the United States to become the world's annual installation market champion in 2009

Yao Xiaoqin said that the slowdown of wind power development in China in 2012 was largely due to wind curtailment. In 2012, the national wind power curtailment reached more than 20billion kwh, with a net loss of more than 10billion yuan, which not only greatly reduced the investment income of wind power developers, but also affected the further investment of investment institutions in the wind power field

after a round of twists and turns, the China Renewable Energy Association said that this year China's wind power development has entered a period of steady development. In the first half of 2013, China's wind power installed capacity increased by 5.5 million KW, which rebounded slightly, and many wind power enterprises achieved profits

this year, China's installed capacity of new wind power will return to the first in the world. It is estimated that by the end of this year, the installed capacity of wind power in China will exceed 75million kW, and the power generation will reach 140billion kwh. He Dexin, chairman of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, said that with the rapid development of wind power, the existing power system operation rules and management system have fallen behind, the planning of various power sources is lack of overall planning, and the technical level of wind power and operation needs to be improved

quality has become the focus of wind power industry

the quality problem of wind power industry has attracted unprecedented attention

quality and health is the theme of the 2013 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference. At the meeting, Wang Jun, director of the new and renewable energy department of the national energy administration, said that quality and health are the basis for the development of the wind power industry, and ensuring the quality of wind power equipment is an important guarantee for the sustainable development of the wind power industry

wind power industry is a high-tech industry, and technological innovation and equipment quality are eternal topics. At present, with the increase of wind power installed capacity in the Chinese market, the technical and quality problems of some products have been exposed. Hedexin said

not only small and medium-sized Fan enterprises, but also industry giants have many quality problems. In some enterprises, there are more than 1000 people in the maintenance team alone, and the profits are offset by the maintenance costs. Yao Xiaoqin said that many frequent problems in wind power operation are not caused by technology, but because of poor quality

in order to improve the quality of wind power operation, the National Energy Administration issued the notice on strengthening the construction of monitoring and evaluation system of wind power industry in May this year to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of important information such as the development trend, development and construction, operation and equipment quality of wind power industry

strengthening the construction of industrial monitoring and evaluation system is the basis for improving the quality of wind power. Wind power is a strategic emerging industry. The standards from resource evaluation, project planning, equipment manufacturing to construction management are still not perfect, and there is a lack of unified methods and scientific evaluation system, which makes it difficult for our project construction quality and equipment performance to be evaluated very accurately. The real situation of the industry must be monitored for a long time, so as to put forward some requirements to make it perfect. Shi Lishan said that wind power equipment is the core of wind power construction and the key to the progress of wind power technology. According to international development experience and domestic development problems, some requirements are also put forward for low-voltage ride through of wind turbines and certification of wind turbines, but on the whole, this work is still insufficient, and the quality supervision of wind power plants is still insufficient

Shi Lishan said that in the future, a set of measures will be formulated to select different manufacturers, technologies and resources for long-term monitoring. At the same time, it also monitors the situation of fan equipment, management and other aspects, and constantly introduces some indicators to evaluate the industry. These evaluation results will certainly have an impact on the development of the whole industry, the investment decisions of developers and the market conditions of manufacturers in the future

in China, when it is necessary to carry out tensile or compression tests on specimens, volt and wind power are called garbage power, but this statement has not been recognized internationally. Thomaskoberg, chairman of the Swedish Renewable Energy Council, said that the lower part: Tension: contraction, twists and turns. In 2011, wind power generation in Denmark reached 28%, and it is expected to reach 50% by 2020. This proportion of wind power does not pose a major problem for electricity. The natural instability of solar energy and wind power does exist, but we can strengthen supervision, improve the prediction level, improve the quality of solar power and wind power, and ensure healthy operation

however, the current slowdown in the growth rate of the wind power market also has a certain positive significance, which is conducive to reducing the expectation of pursuing high-speed industrial development, improving the emphasis on product quality and healthy development, accelerating the elimination of backward technology and production capacity, and making quality and health become the basic theme of the future development of the wind power industry. Hedexin said

take multiple measures to break through the bottleneck of wind power consumption

at present, the bottleneck of wind power development is the difficulty of consumption, so how to break through this

strive to introduce and implement the renewable energy power quota system within this year. Wang Jun said that we should strengthen the research and operation supervision of areas where wind power abandonment and curtailment are relatively serious, formulate targeted solutions, improve the wind power development management system, optimize the development layout according to local conditions, and ensure the steady and orderly growth of wind power. We are doing these things and try to basically solve the problem of power rationing in twoorthree years

in my opinion, the renewable energy electricity quota system may not be introduced this year. Yao Xiaoqin said that at present, an important means to break through the bottleneck of wind power consumption is to allocate according to local conditions in terms of installed capacity layout. We should strictly limit and increase the installed capacity of new wind power in areas with serious problems, and speed up the construction of wind power in areas with good market development. Nowadays, the construction of low wind speed wind power in southern China has made great progress, and the development of offshore wind power is not particularly good, but we still need to actively do the preliminary work. If we strengthen the development of offshore wind power and low-speed wind power in the developed eastern region, the effect in solving the merger problem will be very obvious

to solve the problem of wind power consumption, we need to expand the scope of resource allocation and carry out cross regional power transmission, so that the volatility of wind power can be digested in a larger power system. Shi Lishan said that with regard to the demonstration of exploring cross regional solutions to the problem of wind power consumption, some project plans have been fully determined and are being accelerated

Shi Lishan believes that another solution is to develop some flexible power loads, such as wind power heating. Now some pilot projects have been done. Of course, we hope that in terms of power management, we should manage not only power generation, but also load, and have scientific management for large users

the phenomenon of wind abandonment will not disappear absolutely, but it can be better managed and minimized. Some technical means should be used to achieve this through the reform of the power market. Yao Xiaoqin said

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