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Jizhijia: strive to be an expert in the field of robot intelligent logistics

[report of China Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition] on September 1, 2018, the 20th China International Industry Expo was officially opened. As an intelligent technology enterprise focusing on the field of warehousing and logistics, jizhijia attended with a variety of intelligent logistics products, and received recognition

in recent years, with the in-depth implementation of intelligent manufacturing 2025 strategy, the development of China's industrial manufacturing industry has entered the stage of transformation and upgrading to automation and intelligence The type and technical status of cement pressure testing machine the new stage of the development of cement pressure testing machine and other various material testing machines, the automation industry represented by robots is driven by market demand and technological upgrading, the development situation is more and more positive, and the application field is constantly expanding

among them, the combination of robots and logistics is becoming one of the new development trends. With the rapid rise of e-commerce economy in the Internet era, the logistics industry is suffering from multiple pressures of multiple orders, high costs and low efficiency, and the traditional logistics mode has hovered on the edge of being eliminated

in this case, the new intelligent sorting, selection, handling and distribution methods brought by robots have greatly alleviated the pressure of the logistics industry and enterprises. The rise of smart logistics, unmanned warehousing and other concepts with robots as the main force is attracting the attention of more and more enterprises. Nowadays, in addition to, Alibaba and other e-commerce giants starting to build intelligent warehousing and logistics products, many robot enterprises are also striving to be the mainstay of the industry development. Beijing jizhijia Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as jizhijia) is the leader among these enterprises

since its establishment, jizhijia has focused on the field of warehousing and logistics, hoping to achieve highly flexible and intelligent logistics automation solutions through high-quality robot products and artificial intelligence technology, and become a leader in the technological transformation of the warehousing and logistics industry. For this reason, jizhijia will not miss every opportunity to show its self-worth and communicate and cooperate with the industry

on September 19, 2018, the 20th China International Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the China International Industry Expo) was grandly opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As an exhibition event with great scale and influence in the automation field in Asia, this Expo takes innovation, intelligence and green as the theme, turns off the power supply, and warmly invites all industrial manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad to gather at 9 professional exhibitions and 4 high-tech forums, It provides an excellent communication and learning platform for all audiences and buyers at home and abroad

in the face of such a grand event, jizhijia sent a professional team to attend with a variety of robot products such as sorting, handling, distribution and selection, which attracted the unanimous attention of on-site buyers, exhibitors, media and visitors. During this period, China intelligent manufacturing also interviewed Mr. gaoyunfan, senior marketing director of the company

according to President Gao, in the face of various difficulties in the traditional logistics industry, jizhijia has been able to provide advanced and reliable one-stop enterprise level services with its strong technical strength, accurate understanding of customer needs, perfect after-sales service, and ISO9001:2008 quality certification system

in these services, the application of various intelligent robots plays an important role. Mobile robots can realize the effective transformation from people looking for goods to people looking for goods through the handling of shelves. It is true that they provide some large companies (such as Boeing) with composite materials required for the production of fuselage, wings and aircraft interior, which is improving efficiency and reducing cost in production; It can be equipped with a variety of vehicles to adapt to different application scenarios, including cage car traction, roller docking and other combinations. At the same time, it also has jacking function and human-computer interaction platform

by cooperating with the industrial fast code reading equipment, the automatic fast sorting can be carried out, and the parcels can be transported to the export port corresponding to the barcode; The unmanned forklift applied to the storage system can use the slam laser to navigate flexibly and connect with the intelligent robot, which essentially changes the chaotic and decentralized status of the workshop or warehouse

these robot products can not only be used alone, but also form customized system solutions through different combinations. At present, the company has launched many system solutions such as picking, handling, sorting, storage and retrieval, forming a professional warehouse distribution industry chain, and has been widely used in FMCG, beauty, clothing, 3C products, mother and baby and many other fields

the achievement of the above products and achievements is inseparable from the company's emphasis on technological innovation, talent absorption and scientific research investment. According to General Manager Gao, the current R & D team of the company is generally composed of doctoral/Master's degrees from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beihang University, Beijing University of science and technology and other universities. Many members have participated in robot competitions at home and abroad and won the championship. They have rich research and practical experience in robots, embedded software/hardware, software engineering, artificial intelligence and so on. Therefore, jizhijia's products are all self-developed and have core patents, and the product performance has reached the world-class level

in the future, jizhijia will continue to cultivate products and technologies, and continue to expand its scientific research and manufacturing strength to meet the different needs of every customer in the industry. Of course, to achieve this goal, we can't rely on ourselves alone. Zhijia also hopes to contact more partners and customers through this Industrial Expo and make unremitting efforts for the development of the industry

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