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Zhongbang bank, together with the small and medium-sized banks' Internet Financial Alliance, talks about the development of banks in the new era

the vigorous development of financial technology. How can small and medium-sized banks seek breakthroughs in the new era of properly resolving international trade disputes? On November 29, Zhongbang bank and the Internet Financial Alliance of small and medium-sized banks (hereinafter referred to as the alliance) held a seminar on the new development of small and medium-sized banks under the wave of science and technology on the shore of Wuhan East Lake. Nearly 200 guests from banks, trusts, securities, funds and other financial institutions across the country, heads of financial technology enterprises and financial elites attended the meeting. The on-site exchanges were warm and full of dry goods

ZHONG Bang bank leader Cheng Feng delivered a speech

as the host of this meeting, Zhong Bang bank leader Cheng Feng delivered a speech and extended a warm welcome to guests from afar. Cheng Feng believes that the innovative development of financial technology has not only promoted the service quality and efficiency of the financial service industry, but also changed the business model. Small and medium-sized banks should take fintech as a new value proposition and dig deep into the value of fintech

as a newly established private bank, it won the "best innovative fintech bank" after more than a year of establishment. What experience does Zhongbang bank have in fintech layout? Cheng Feng combines the exploration and practice of Zhongbang bank to share from four aspects:

first, fintech helps transform banking service channels and create an all-round portal. Since the middle of October this year, Zhongbang bank has merged the new version of banks with direct selling banks and put them online. The new version of banks after integration has widely applied new technologies such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition and two-dimensional code, which has greatly improved the convenience and experience of users

secondly, fintech has helped transform the way banks acquire customers and open up trading scenarios. In view of the pain points faced by small and medium-sized bank customers, such as many sleeping customers, difficulties in obtaining new customers, and single channels, Zhongbang bank fully relies on financial technology, uses big data to portray customers, and realizes batch accurate customer acquisition through intelligent matching with higher efficiency of artificial intelligence transmission. At present, Zhongbang bank has launched on multiple platforms such as JD finance, tonghuashun and lufax, and the number of customers in a year and a half has reached several million

third, fintech helps transform the bank's risk control mode and explore smart risk control. Under the traditional mode, the bank evaluation means are single and lack of flexibility. Zhongbang bank insists on taking risk management as the foundation of the bank and the risk management ability as the core value, and establishes an intelligent risk control system with the help of massive enterprise data and multi-dimensional risk control decision-making model. The system includes a set of strict risk control core logic, a series of institutional methods, a whole intelligent risk control system, and the application of multiple scene data

finally, fintech helps support the transformation of the banking system and realize technological empowerment. Cheng Feng pointed out that the core system of traditional banks is relatively thick, the innovation efficiency of emerging businesses is relatively low, and it can not meet the needs of large user volume, high business concurrency, fast demand iteration and so on. Focusing on the construction of Internet transaction banks, Zhongbang bank adheres to the guidance of science and technology in business development, and comprehensively improves the business development ability of more than 1million green package delivery consumers in terms of science and technology empowerment from the five aspects of "self construction of three basic systems", "construction of dual core systems", "construction of sensitive steady-state dual-mode technology", "joint incubation of financial technology products" and "construction of service platform"

"every beneficial way goes with the times." Cheng Feng called on small and medium-sized banks to work together under the tide of new technology, new era and new bank to jointly commit to leading the era with science and technology, opening up, giving opportunities, and cooperating to create the future

Huang Shaoyu, director of the alliance's interbank Business Committee and assistant to the general manager of oneconnect, delivered a speech. He briefed the guests on the advantages of the electronic universal testing machine below 300KN, reviewed the development of the alliance in the past year and the second China Digital Banking forum and the annual meeting of the alliance, and thanked the members of the Alliance for supporting the development of the alliance. In addition, he also focused on the changes brought by fintech to the financial industry, the beneficial exploration carried out by the alliance since its establishment one year ago, and the future development direction of the alliance

Li Xiaogang, vice president of Zhongbang bank, delivered a keynote speech

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