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China finance futures: crude oil rose and fell, Tianjiao was blocked and fell

crude oil returned to the decline on Thursday, and NYMEX crude oil futures closed at 65.96. The "rule of man" also led to the lack of a fair competition environment for enterprises, with USD/barrel down 2.28% Affected by this news, TOCOM rubber futures fell sharply on Friday afternoon, and the recent rebound momentum was blocked. In April, the contract fell 10.9 yen to 179 yen per kilogram. The internal market was not spared, and the main contract ru901 failed to continue the rebound momentum. In the morning, it opened at 13110, and rose slightly to around 13650, which was blocked from turning around and adjusting downward. Finally, it closed at 13330, with a trading volume of about 530000 hands, a sharp increase of 377000 hands over the previous trading day; The position was about 60000 hands, a decrease of 4846 hands compared with the previous trading day

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the spot price on Friday is slightly open. The RSS3 of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue shipped in November was US cents today, compared with us cents in the previous transaction; Overnight, 3 × cigarettes in Qingdao free trade zone were reported at 1900 US dollars/ton, and 20 × glue in Thai standard was reported at US dollars/ton

on Thursday, the real GDP of the United States in the third quarter fell by 0.3% from the beginning of the year, which was better than the expected decline of 0.5%. Boosted by this, the U.S. stocks first fell and then rose, with an amplitude of 2.7%. On the same day, Thailand and Indonesia introduced measures to reseed 64000 hectares and 55000 hectares in 2009, respectively, in order to reduce short-term supply to support recent prices. Recently, the relatively tight supply of rubber in Japan has weakened buyers' interest in buying. As of October 10, the plastic packaging in raw rubber inventory in Japan will be reduced by 7.6% to 4004 tons, the lowest level in history. On the disk, ru0901 is supported near 1300, and there are blank areas on the disk twice. We believe that as long as the external financial environment does not deteriorate, prices will turn to be dominated by supply and demand. As the cut-off period of domestic rubber is approaching, the production reduction measures in Thailand and Indonesia will gradually affect the spot supply, and the future market may still be dominated by range shocks. It is recommended to focus on intra day short-term trading

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