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China finance futures: ignoring the pressure of short orders, PTA has a strong upward trend (8.4)

due to the entry of short funds, a large number of short selling has been promoted, which hindered the rise of PTA futures price on Tuesday and maintained a weak downward trend. After the main contract ta909 opened at 7755, it maintained a narrow sideways fluctuation pattern in the morning, and began to rise steadily in the afternoon, ending at 8386

however, the advantage was also significantly driven by the rise in naphtha prices, with PX prices rising slightly overnight. PX in Asia rose $20 to $per ton FOB South Korea, and PX in Europe rose $10 to $per ton Rotterdam

driven by the strong trend of futures price, the enthusiasm of PTA spot market rose unabated, the seller's quotation in East China domestic material market was increased to 8300 yuan/ton, the mainstream negotiation price in the market was concentrated between yuan/ton, and the inquiry of downstream users was more positive. The supply of goods in the external market is tight, and the active offer of the seller is scarce. The mainstream negotiation price in the market is above 950 US dollars/ton, and the downstream factories are actively looking for goods

in plastics, the domestic ethylene glycol market price is relatively stable due to the warmer demand. On Monday, the domestic trade market of ethylene glycol in East China remained stable. Sellers were reluctant to sell at low prices. Large orders were on the sidelines for the time being. Small orders were quoted at 5950 yuan/ton with cascade tightening mechanism. Small orders were negotiated at yuan/ton. The trading atmosphere of glycol import spot market fell, the market quotation range widened, and the mainstream negotiation level of shipping goods was around us dollars/ton

the polyester chip market has rebounded, and the quotation of traders has increased slightly. The cash or March acceptance price of semi gloss chips in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces is about yuan/ton

import 334600 tons in the form of special customs supervision areas

according to the latest news from the customs, Zhangjiagang customs implements a customs clearance tax of 6.0% on Korean PTA, and the 0.5% deposit has been cancelled at present

import PTA tariffs returned to normal, causing the PTA spot market to lose hype and prices to fall. At the same time, the increase of short positions during the day is relatively obvious, which constitutes a certain suppression of the futures price. However, the recent centralized shutdown of domestic PTA units has led to a further tightening of spot supply, while the demand for PTA from the booming production and marketing of downstream polyester products has increased steadily. Supported by the pattern of supply reduction and rising demand, we believe that PTA is still dominated by a volatile upward trend in the near future, but the rise will slow down

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