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Zhiyuan Internet collaborative operation Zhongtai explores the road of enterprise digital upgrading

2020 is a truly chaotic year, and the future will be a watershed in history

from the beginning of the new year, the first-class epidemic prevention alarm was sounded all over the country, to the continuous outbreak of novel coronavirus worldwide, everyone was shrouded in fear caused by the black swan incident The epidemic has made all walks of life realize that only scientific and technological progress is a powerful weapon against natural and man-made disasters. They have accelerated the construction of new digital infrastructure. Both enterprises and institutions and ordinary practitioners are in full swing to boldly try how to use big data, AI, 5g, mobile Internet To innovate and change the way of life and production and management, so that our era can continue to develop and progress

3.0 era of China's digital economy

digital economy has gone through the 1.0 era represented by digital drive, the 2.0 era driven by data, and is about to move towards the 3.0 era driven by intelligence. In the era of digital economy 3.0, big data, 5g, artificial intelligence and other science and technology will shine brightly. With digital knowledge and information as the key production factors, the digital economy Peng China's real economy was defeated by who? With rapid development, new technologies, new formats and new models emerge in endlessly

at the national strategic level, China has started the fission transformation of the traditional economy, including the new infrastructure driven by technological innovation, the reform of state-owned enterprises, the grand strategy of the the Belt and Road to meet the development needs of the new open economic system, etc. these major changes and developments will reshape the market environment and provide new development opportunities for digital transformation and intelligent upgrading for enterprise organizations

at the level of economic environment, technological innovation, the reshaping of the market by the black swan incident, the intensification of connection speed, huge data scale, borderless openness, etc. will inevitably lead to qualitative changes in the industry, and the market environment, customer needs, product services, business models, etc. are all in great change; At the same time, the network system of the interconnection of all things has given birth to a comprehensive business. Massive, high-frequency and multidimensional data have become the living means of production of enterprises, constantly driving enterprise business into a new innovation cycle

seeking innovation and thinking about change, the road of digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises

in such an environment, enterprises must seize market opportunities through digital transformation, quickly transform market insight into business value with strong connection ability inside and outside, create a people-oriented collaborative value system, activate every member of the enterprise, and form the innovation ability to control change all the time, Join the interdependent and symbiotic economic system in a more open pattern

in the Internet era, data is its greatest value. Enterprises should adopt intelligent means to implement efficient and unified management and operation in a digital intelligent way from the whole process of data collection, processing to application, which will completely activate the self synergy efficiency of enterprises; The era of digital economy emphasizes resource integration and data sharing, while mobility and integrated connectivity will expand the boundary of enterprise capabilities, form a complete, connected and integrated business chain throughout the internal and external of the enterprise, and open a new way to work anytime, anywhere; In terms of management concept and management reform, we should return to people-oriented and establish a flat and ecological participatory management mode, which will become the key to the leapfrog development of enterprises

in the face of the above needs of digital transformation and upgrading, enterprises began to rethink how to establish a flat, open and equal decentralized architecture, which is more reusable, flexible and agile. Enterprises can quickly adjust strategies according to the market direction, quickly model and test errors, realize the rapid implementation of business needs, and gradually transform enterprises from traditional process driven it systems to comprehensive digitalization of people, things and things Integrated and intelligent management and operation platform

digital upgrade: build an IT governance architecture with the middle office as the core

the management needs of enterprises drive the exploration of new IT architecture. Gartner proposed in 2016 to divide the enterprise's application system into the back-end recording layer, the front-end innovation layer, and the middle differentiated system layer according to the pace. This new IT system architecture is based on the layered idea of front, middle and back office, integrates and matches agile applications with robust and general-purpose systems, and has a perfect platform collaboration mechanism to adapt to the management mode, corporate culture and ecological environment

in order to help enterprises achieve data-driven in the new competitive environment, all regions are required to take epidemic prevention and control as an intelligent organization with a major political task at present, and Zhiyuan Internet comprehensively improves the ideological strategy of collaborative operation. In 2019, Zhiyuan Internet collaborative operation platform was released. This new architecture integrates technology, collaboration, business, connection and data capabilities. Through extensive connection, sharing and collaboration, Build the whole process, whole domain and end-to-end operation and service capabilities for enterprises, effectively transform resources into high-value products and services, keep the organization in an efficient and healthy operation state, connect people, integrate businesses, and empower enterprises

the five capabilities of Zhiyuan Internet collaborative operation center can fully enable the needs of the mobile front desk: the technology center provides flexible, open, safe and high availability technical support for the overall development and construction, deployment, operation and maintenance, etc; The collaborative middle office has built a people-oriented, full staff, social and intelligent collaborative management ability; Through integrated modeling, the business platform can quickly build personalized business scenario processes and realize continuous innovation that changes with business needs; Connect the midrange integration application, process, business, data Create an enterprise resource connector; The data center integrates cross system data and builds data models, so that enterprises can build digital enterprises from data speaking, data analysis to data driving

new scheme for digital upgrading: a8+ v8.0 intelligent collaborative operation platform

in 2020, Zhiyuan Internet released a newly upgraded a8+ v8.0 new generation intelligent collaborative operation platform based on the medium platform strategy, which has built a perfect digital + Intelligent Collaborative Operation System for enterprises. Based on the organizational model, it connects various work and businesses, aggregates information, resources and capabilities, and realizes efficient collaboration within and across organizations, It also extends to the ecological participation platform between enterprises and external partners, enterprises and the public, and combines social light collaboration to improve the application experience of all employees, so as to support the efficient implementation of enterprise strategy, ensure the agility of enterprise innovation and change, and ensure the orderly management and operation

a8+ v8.0, based on the technology, collaboration, business, connection and data capabilities of the middle office, realizes six major upgrades of enterprise major application scenarios and capabilities, including platform upgrade, management upgrade, process upgrade, business upgrade, mobile upgrade and intelligent upgrade, provides organization and data models for large and group enterprises, improves integration and expansion capabilities, and innovates intelligent process application scenarios, Flexible and agile business transformation and replication capabilities, with social business as the core, and the comprehensive and in-depth integration of ai+ collaboration, help enterprises open a new way of teamwork, build intelligent organizations, and realize the leap forward development of enterprises with innovative management mode

for (4) pull the loading handle, apply the main experimental force, and the large pointer of the instigator rotates counterclockwise; Customers create value and grow together with customers

the Zhongtai strategy of Zhiyuan Internet has been put forward. So far, the structure and ability of collaborative operation of Zhongtai have been widely used and benefited in enterprises. Zhiyuan Internet collaborative operation platform is well adapted to the information innovation environment and in line with the international development trend. Last week, it became the first choice for many local governments and enterprises and institutions, especially large and medium-sized group enterprises, industry and regional benchmark enterprises

in the process of application, many enterprises have formed a unique IT architecture system in combination with their own management characteristics, and built into a real-time strategic mechanism and agile symbiosis ecological organization based on customer focus, led by science and technology, with empowerment as the core concept, as well as an intelligent multi-party business cooperation platform with open capabilities and service sharing. For example, Zhejiang International Trade Group Co., Ltd., one of the important state-owned enterprise groups affiliated to Zhejiang Province, takes the collaborative operation platform as the core, and based on the four management dimensions of people, finance, materials and Party construction, has created a unified one-stop office, centralized process and unified standard system collaborative operation platform for the whole group, which has effectively assisted the digital transformation of enterprises; PowerChina Chengdu survey, design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. has effectively integrated internal and external resources of the enterprise through the collaborative operation platform, created an enterprise shared service resource pool, and formed a connection and sharing platform for processes, data and modes; Adhering to the construction concept of all business digitalization and all data commercialization, Daodao Quanliang Oil Co., Ltd. comprehensively integrates business and system data, maximizes productivity, realizes the management expectation of leaders to the end, and helps enterprises move forward from traditional processing to Intelligent Manufacturing

next, Zhiyuan Internet will select excellent medium and Taiwan enterprises in collaborative operation from different perspectives such as enterprise type, management characteristics and digital process stage in multiple fields and industries to share with you. In the future, we will continue to improve and optimize with excellent products, solid technical strength, professional services and rich implementation and operation experience, further deepen the value of collaboration in enterprise management, grow with the times and achieve with the enterprise

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