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China finance futures: Shanghai Rubber slightly fluctuated, with large short-term long and short differences

today, the main rubber contract ru0803 of the previous Exchange opened at 22090. After a slight decline in the morning, the price basically maintained to prove its doubts and inferences. The price tried to rise in the late afternoon, but suffered pressure again, and finally closed at 21905, slightly falling to 0.09%. The trading volume was slightly larger than yesterday, with 380000 hands

the current testing methods for the film friction coefficient of Thai rubber are mainly GB 10006. The price of goods today is basically the same as yesterday. The wait-and-see atmosphere in the market is relatively strong, and the trading volume is small. Local traders believe that the international crude oil has fallen in recent days, and market participants are paying close attention to the future development of oil prices. As the weather in Thailand improves and the rubber harvest continues to increase, the increase in supply in the next few days will depress prices

in the international market, the exchange rate of the US dollar and the yen rose slightly to around 110. At present, it is actively supported by bargain hunting, and the recent continuous appreciation of the yen has ended. Rijiao tried to rise after opening, but was pressured by selling, and finally closed at 269.57, down 0.58%

in terms of inventory, according to the inventory report of Shanghai Futures Exchange, the inventory of Shanghai Rubber fell last week. After the increase of inventory in the previous weeks, the inventory reduction this week also led to the stop and stabilization of the early rubber price to a certain extent. In terms of import and export, China's rubber import in October increased by 21.4% to 150000 tons compared with the same period last year. Malaysia's natural rubber production in September was 106417 tons, down 5. 5% from the same period last year The belt on the force measuring piston falls off or is too loose (so that the longitudinal axis of the sample coincides with the center line of the upper and lower clamps, and the piston cannot run at a uniform speed) 4.1%

technically, the average of Shanghai glue rebounded to the top was blocked and fell slightly, but the selling pressure was shrinking. Due to the short-term decline of international oil prices and the gradual improvement of the weather in the production area, the increase of spot supply in the future may suppress the price, and the rubber price may fluctuate in the short term

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