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The elimination of waste incineration containing PVC is a necessary instrument for enterprise production. Breakthroughs have been made in the combustion process technology

the elimination of dioxin, a highly toxic substance produced in the process of waste incineration, is a recognized worldwide problem. On April 12, Yichun Institute of practical technology announced that it had accelerated the process of product production and scientific research localization and reduced its cost. It had completed the research on the new technology of waste smoke-free incineration and built a thousand ton waste smoke-free incineration device. The device has been tested for the treatment of chemical waste with PVC (the main substance producing dioxin) as the main component, and satisfactory results have been obtained. While the smokeless incineration of waste with water is successfully realized, waste heat can also be used to generate electricity

when using this technology to further improve the market competitiveness, it is not necessary to add any chemical agents and fossil fuels to the waste, nor to spray liquefied gas or natural gas into the waste incineration flue gas. At the same time, the flue gas produced does not need post-treatment processes such as activated carbon adsorption and bag filtration. According to the monitoring data of the analysis and testing center of Shanghai Institute of higher research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the combustion efficiency of the device is 97.6%. The content of dioxins in the flue gas is 0.039mg/m3, nitrogen oxides (NOx) 146mg/m3, carbon monoxide (CO) 22mg/m3, which are much lower than the limits of the current national standard and European Union standard for waste incineration. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen chloride (HCl) are not detected in the flue gas. Joint development of new energy all aluminum body buses

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