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Zhongce Rubber won the IDC China Digital Transformation award, Alibaba cloud et brain continued to gain authoritative recognition

Zhongce Rubber won the IDC China Digital Transformation award, Alibaba cloud et brain continued to gain authoritative recognition

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recently, the 2018 IDC China Digital Transformation award was officially announced, and Zhongce Rubber was selected as the "leader of information and data transformation". IDC believes that the cooperation between Zhongce Rubber and Alibaba cloud et industrial brain has demonstration value

digital technology

enables production data to "speak up"

Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. is currently the largest tire manufacturing enterprise in China. It has accumulated information and data in research and development, quality inspection, production and other industrial chain links, but how to effectively deal with massive data has become a practical problem. Since 2016, Zhongce Rubber has cooperated with Alibaba cloud to officially "go to the cloud", and its advantages have been constantly emerging

"previously, we also optimized some production processes through our professional accumulation of more than 50 years and our understanding of data, but Alibaba cloud's big data processing method has changed our traditional understanding of data and brought the value of silent data to the extreme. "At the 2018 Hangzhou yunqi Dali academic performance meeting, Zhang Limin, deputy general manager of Zhongce Rubber, said.

Industrial digitalization

adds new wings to traditional industries

relying on the powerful computing and information processing capabilities of the industrial brain, Zhongce Rubber has gradually formed a large pattern system of green ecological industrial chain in the whole life cycle of tires, creating a closed-loop industrial chain around the whole life cycle of rubber products State system. Zhongce Rubber does not just want to change an automated production line, but to create a new path for the continuous growth of enterprise profits through the intelligence of industrial brain

et industrial brain performs in-depth calculation and Analysis on various data of Zhongce Rubber production end, and gives the scheme combination of optimal utilization of resources. For example, which raw materials from several places of origin are combined with the best quality, and what parameter ratio should be used in a process processing link to make the processing performance of the compound more stable. Finally, the qualified rate of rubber mixture will be increased by percentage points. The introduction of a set of artificial intelligence et industrial brain has achieved a ten million level profit increase for enterprises

ai is not in PPT or laboratory, but in the industry to play a real value. Alibaba cloud is the leader of industrial AI. Relying on the industrial brain of ET, Zhongce Rubber will connect the whole industrial chain with 'intelligence' and 'big data' to accelerate the upgrading of the industry to the high end

idc:international Data Corporation, International Data Corporation. It is a well-known third-party independent research institution in the global IT field. After the oil in the ID tank is sucked into the oil pump through the filter oil screen, the C digital transformation award is known as the "aus medium card award in the IT industry", which aims to commend the enterprise model of transformation and transformation using digital technology

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