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Gravure printing equipment has a strong development momentum, and production enterprises have accelerated differentiation

the development of gravure printing technology in China started late. In the 1980s, in order to change the backward situation of "first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices" in China, relevant departments increased the development of packaging technology, so that packaging and printing technology can develop rapidly. After nearly 20 years of efforts, PU materials are mostly found in foam state. Now the gravure printing process ratio in China is 9.2). The required experimental method standards: gb/t 228 (2) 010, gb/t 14452 (9) 3, gb/t 7314 (2) 005 are relatively mature, the equipment is relatively advanced, has a certain scale, and occupies an important position in China's printing industry

at present, there are many manufacturers of gravure printing equipment in China, and the localization rate of equipment has been very high. The three key technologies of modern gravure printing machine (electronic shaft drive, printing car, sleeve impression cylinder) have begun to be applied in domestic machines. The new generation of electronic shaft drive gravure printing machines have been successfully applied in the fields of folding cartons, flexible packaging and decoration, and products have also begun to be exported. Among them, the technological level and production scale of Zhongshan Songde, Shaanxi beiren, Shanzhang light industry and other enterprises have been greatly improved. The quality and stability of domestic equipment have been able to meet the requirements of users, and the market share of domestic gravure printing equipment is also increasing year by year in China. The survey shows that at present, more than 70% of printing plants are using domestic gravure printing machines

in recent years, many major events have taken place in China's gravure equipment manufacturing industry, and some remarkable progress has been made. At the same time, in the next few years, China's gravure equipment manufacturing industry will face new development opportunities and challenges, and there will be some development trends worthy of our attention. In general, the development of domestic gravure printing equipment in recent two years mainly has the following characteristics:

new key technologies have been rapidly adopted

the three key technologies of modern gravure printing machines (electronic shaft drive, printing trolley, sleeve impression cylinder) have begun to be applied in domestic machines. In particular, the technology of electronic shaft driven gravure printing machine is becoming more and more mature. The new generation of electronic shaft drive gravure printing machines have been successfully applied in the fields of folding cartons, flexible packaging and decoration, and products have also begun to be exported

at present, all domestic equipment adopts electronic shaft transmission, and its main technical indicators reach the level of similar foreign products, with higher cost performance. For example, Songde Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. completed the research and development of the electronic shaft driven gravure printing machine with a maximum speed of 350m/min, and passed the inspection of the national packaging product inspection center and the project acceptance of Guangdong Province. Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. also recently exported to Saudi Arabia for the first time an electronic shaft driven high-speed gravure printing machine with a speed of 300m/min - azj801250gs unit gravure printing machine

substantial progress has been made in the application of some major fields

the quality of gravure printing of folding cartons, especially web cigarette packs, is currently the most demanding, and only the highest performance equipment can meet the requirements of this special industry. Previously, this field was monopolized by imported equipment, but now this situation has been completely broken. Since 2004, domestic gravure printing equipment has been used for cigarette package web printing and achieved good results. As of April, 2006, 10 sets of domestic cigarette bag gravure printing equipment that have been put into operation and are being produced have been tested, which can realize the two situations of simply supported beam and cantilever beam, basically the same as the total number of imported equipment in the same period, and the growth momentum is strong. This is another important breakthrough of domestic gravure printing equipment

the gravure printing machine of wide wood grain paper also made new progress. In the past two years, the technology of domestic decorative gravure printing machines (including electronic shafts) has been rapidly improved. Wood grain paper gravure printing machines with 9 color groups, a width of 1500mm, and multiple coating units and UV curing devices have been launched in China, and have been exported to other countries

the overall technology improvement of supporting processing equipment, control system and auxiliary equipment

on the one hand, the system performance of domestic equipment is constantly improving, such as the performance improvement of registration control system, and the local test of electronic shaft transmission system has also achieved good results; On the other hand, more and more enterprises adopt products of foreign well-known brands, such as dust removal devices, ink temperature control devices, etc. Many foreign enterprises are also wholly-owned or cooperative production in China

for medium and high-end equipment, the procurement platform is being internationalized. The proportion of imported or international brands is increasing significantly, and most of the key control components and systems of some important equipment have adopted foreign products

price competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the market is facing a reshuffle.

especially in the low-end equipment market, the competition of gravure printing equipment of all grades is intensifying, especially the low-end equipment. Due to the large number of manufacturers of medium and low-grade equipment and the small technical gap, brutal price competition is caused. The sales market of flexible packaging gravure printing machine is the most competitive. Due to the large number of manufacturers, the enterprises producing this product are basically in the "20:80 state", that is, 20% of the situation is relatively good, and 80% of the business situation is not good

the sales of some low-cost equipment continue to be promising. Despite the fierce price competition, due to the increasing pressure of price competition in the flexible packaging market, the number of flexible packaging printing plants in some regions has increased, and there is strong demand abroad (especially in surrounding countries and regions), the sales of economic gravure printing equipment is still promising on the whole. In short, the elimination of manufacturers is intensifying, the level of demand is becoming increasingly significant, and various grades of supplier chains are gradually forming

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