The development of a new type of vapor phase antir

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3 test results and discussion test results are shown in Table 1

it can be seen from the test results in Table 1 that when coating containing VCI is sprayed on kraft paper, kraft paper has obvious anti rust ability. With the increase of VCI content in the coating, the anti rust time also increases. Among them, when the VCI content is 8% and 10%, and the coating amount is 403.4 g · m2 and 409.7 g · M2 respectively, there is no corrosion on the test piece, while the VCI content is 5%, and the coating amount is 409. The households who want to be responsible for better sales areas, popular types of testing machines, and problems in the intelligent control system of larger customer pressure testing machines also reach 25 days without corrosion at 5 g · m2, and the corrosion inhibition rate is 98.2%. Considering the cost and antirust effect, using an aqueous vapor phase antirust coating with a VCI content of 5% and a coating amount of 409.5 g · M2 can produce a good antirust effect. Although only gun steel has been tested in this test, considering that water-based vapor phase antirust coating has been tested on polymetallic, the effect is very good

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the new paper vapor phase antirust paper is formed by spraying water-based vapor phase antirust paint instead of vapor phase antirust aqueous solution on bamboo kraft paper, which increases the flexibility and strength of antirust paper, and the coating formed by the paint can be moisture-proof, waterproof, acid, alkali, salt, etc. The anti rust test of the anti rust paper was carried out by the non-contact method on static paper. The results show that the anti rust paper has excellent anti rust performance and can be widely used in the long-term anti rust of metals and their products

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Li Zhiguang, Huang Hongjun, Wan Hongjing, Zhang Min Ordnance Engineering College

source: Packaging Engineering

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