The development of Beiliu furniture industry in Gu

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The development process of Guangxi Beiliu furniture industry

the development process of Guangxi Beiliu furniture industry

December 20, 2017

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the rainy Beiliu on December 15. In Ganxin Road, which is reconstructed and expanded according to the standard of first-class highway and four lane full asphalt asphalt asphalt, engineering vehicles come and go, and there is a scene of construction in full swing

Ganxin road runs through Beiliu urban area, Xilang Town, Xinwei town and Yulin urban area. At the end of the month, it will be the "new identity" of the exhibition street of the furniture industrial park, and the new material processing technology will gradually attract more attention. Li lie's family has run a furniture factory on this road for three generations. He didn't expect that one day this place would become an important link for the development of Yubei's urbanization, and the furniture industry he is engaged in has also been valued by the government, becoming a key supporting industry among the top ten industries in Beiliu City with irresistible collaborative development

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build a solid foundation to meet the "butterfly change" -- a record of the development process of Guangxi Beiliu furniture industry

the completion of the exhibition and sales street of the furniture industrial park marks the official unveiling of Guangxi's first 10 billion yuan furniture industrial park from furniture boutique research and development to experiential consumption, and the framework of the layout of the industrial park has been opened

The 12 kilometer long Gan Xin Road section, which has accumulated for decades, is full of furniture factories and hardware, paint and other stores supporting the furniture industry. Every day, a large number of logs are transported here for processing, and batches of processed furniture finished products and semi-finished products are sent from here to Zhongshan, Shunde, Guangdong, Shanghai, Kunming, Guiyang, Chongqing and other big cities

in Li lie's memory, before the local marriage, the woman had to prepare a wooden box for the dowry. In the eyes of the local people, the fineness of the wooden box represented the happiness of marriage. Li lie's father has helped people make wooden boxes since the 1970s, and he has been influenced by it. The young Li lie inherited his father's craftsmanship, "I made the wooden box my wife married with myself."

in the 1980s, due to geographical advantages, some furniture factories in Guangdong came here to look for semi-finished product processing craftsmen. Li lie's father and some villagers began to recruit OEM workers. Because of the huge profits, it didn't take long for several villages and families to start furniture processing business. Over the past 30 years, Beiliu furniture distribution center centered on Xilang town and Xinwei town has slowly developed. According to statistics, now there are 612 furniture enterprises in Beiliu City, and the furniture industry has achieved a total industrial output value of 2.3 billion yuan. The wood processing industry covers 22 towns in the city, with nearly 20000 employees

build industrial parks according to local conditions

although Beiliu furniture industry has good development heritage, factors such as small enterprise scale and low technical content restrict the development of local furniture industry. "I also know the benefits of brand, but after brand management, customers need us to provide bulk goods, and I can't supply them." Maizezhong, who has opened a furniture factory for 13 years, recalls that because he was unable to produce on a large scale, he dared not take large orders and missed many opportunities to make money

in August this year, Yulin and Beiliu municipal Party committees and governments keenly found the advantages and shortcomings of Beiliu furniture industry. In view of the current situation of the industry, they proposed to cultivate and develop Beiliu furniture industry as a pillar industry, build Beiliu Furniture Industrial Park in Xilang and Xinwei towns, and the construction headquarters of Beiliu Furniture Industrial Park was officially established in the same month, The local furniture industry has ushered in a rare development opportunity

according to Mo Wei, deputy director of the office of Beiliu Furniture Industrial Park, the functional orientation of the industrial park, when removing debris, must be stopped for "one street, two towns, three districts, 10 billion, 1000 enterprises", "one street" is the furniture sales Industrial Street 12 kilometers away from Ganxin road; "Two towns" are Xilang town and Xinwei town; "Three areas" are furniture production area, furniture logistics area and furniture sales exhibition area; "Ten billion" means to build an industry with an output value of ten billion yuan; "Thousand enterprises" refers to 1000 enterprises that produce and sell furniture. After the completion of the industrial park, it is expected that the annual output value will reach more than 10billion yuan, the tax will be more than 500million yuan, and more than 20000 direct jobs will be provided

we have been working hard to speed up the construction of clusters

recently, the industrial park has focused on several tasks, issued preferential support policies, and attracted excellent enterprises to enter the park in accordance with the principle of "high standards, low threshold". On November 25, Beiliu municipal Party committee and government organized relevant units to hold a work promotion meeting at the construction headquarters of the furniture industrial park, proposing to take the opening of the street on New Year's day as the goal, overcome difficulties and complete the reconstruction and construction of the exhibition street; Set up an industrial fund with an average cost of several hundred dollars per vehicle to increase support for furniture enterprises above Designated Size; Continue to speed up the industrial planning and park planning of the furniture industrial park to provide important support for precise investment attraction; Accelerate the construction of road infrastructure in the furniture industrial park, and coordinate the implementation of the construction plan of Industrial Avenue in the furniture industrial park

at present, the road construction of Zhanxiao street has been completed by more than 90%, and the bright yellow buildings with unified facade design lined up on both sides of the road have been renovated. Shunde businessman Mr. Li often comes to Beiliu because of business relations. He laments the great changes here. Many foreign furniture enterprises inquire about the preferential policies and entry conditions of the industrial park through acquaintances and friends

it is understood that after many investment activities, the industrial park has completed docking and negotiation with many interested investment merchants, such as Guangdong new Hongyang Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Shengtai mahogany furniture, Dongguan famous furniture club, Sofia company, etc., who are all interested in settling in. A total of 67 large local furniture enterprises intend to settle in, including 56 intending to build factories, 3 integrating factory construction and sales, 1 building imitation porcelain tableware, furniture and hotel supplies, 1 building logistics park and 6 others

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