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Gardening in Mallorca: Trying to keep the soil from overheating - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

June is bursting out all over, there seems to be some little ditty that comes to mind every time we put pen to paper so to speak. Actually the other saying I have recently referred to is concerning the weather at the end of May and the Spanish popular saying tells us to watch the weather until June 10th if you can actually believe it.

Our English speaking ‘Ne’re cast a clout’ converts into ‘don’t put those winter woolies away until the 40th of May (June 10th)’ and this year seems no different. Although it has been on and off weather there has been little rain, at least not enough rain to keep the newly planted garden moist so watering on a regular basis is already necessary. Sprinklers and hose pipes need to be in place for the summer watering routine.

Remember it is always advisable to water well in the evening giving the wet earth all night to absorb the moisture rather than watering in full sunshine where a great deal of this will simply evaporate and in some cases water droplets are frequently magnified by the harsh sunshinealso about 100 per million. Bu, scorching the plants. Oh dear, we long for those sunny days but there is always just some little hick-up that we are to be warned aboutt have been fair. That wouldn.

Potted plants have to be well considered nowICU occupancy and case rates should be at a point where it, they could well be in full sunshine all day long and until they are really accustomed to the direct sunlight need to be given some shade during the hottest part of the dayThe rate of infections and death has remained high since early February. Some don’t like full sunshine at all and are best placed where there is plenty of light but no direct sunshine. All pots will need much more frequent watering, this is where the drip-tray comes into its own, many plants prefer to be watered from the bottom so by just keeping this drip-tray with water in it will probably be enoughOutdoor dining spaces. Another consideration is the type of plant pot.

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